about us

At Hallmark, we understand better than anyone else the importance of cherishing precious relationships and moments in life. What matters is showing each other conscious and heartfelt acknowledgement, letting our loved ones know they’re thought of and cared for.

At Hallmark, we bring people together all over the world, every single day of the year. Be it through a meaningful greeting card discovered in a letterbox, a thoughtful gift sent by post, or through our products and collections offered at our retail partner’s outlets. At Hallmark, you will always find a charming little something to put a smile on someone’s face.

We inspire people to express their emotions creatively and nurture life’s greatest relationships – We do this with tremendous enthusiasm and pride. Creating special moments for over 110 years.

The Story of Hallmark Cards

In 1910, carrying two shoeboxes filled with postcards, Joyce C. Hall boarded the train to Kansas City (United States). He had a vision, a dream. He understood well how vital it is for people to keep in touch with their loved ones. His big goal was to ensure that anyone and everyone could do that with one of his greeting cards.

Joyce went from door to door of drugstores and gift shops selling his cards. Together with his brothers, Joyce set up a speciality store in Kansas City selling cards, gifts, books and printed matter. The Hall brothers soon made a name for themselves as the brothers who “deal in wishes.” Like this, the name Hallmark was born and soon grew into a global concept.

The family business

Founder Joyce C. Hall understood well that human contact and affection extend beyond borders. So, in 1931, he sought out a partnership with a Canadian greeting card company. Later in 1958, Hallmark Canada was born from this partnership. In the same year, Hall opened a branch in England. Nowadays, Hallmark Cards also has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Joyce C. Hall, a charismatic and engaging man, dedicated no less than 56 years of his life and enthusiasm to Hallmark Cards. The current Hallmark Cards, Inc. is one of the top family businesses in the United States, which is not listed on the stock exchange. Joyce’s son Donald took over in 1966 until 1985. Donald’s son, Donald J. Hall Jr., took over the company’s lead in 2002, continuing the family tradition.

More than 30 languages in more than 100 countries

Today, Hallmark greeting cards are available in more than 30 languages and more than 100 countries worldwide. Hallmark’s global headquarter is in Kansas City, the United States. The subsidiaries are located in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Continental Europe’s head office is set in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. With almost 300 employees, we work on inventing, designing, producing and delivering the loveliest and most original greeting cards and gifts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

If you work at Hallmark, you are part of one of the most creative and dynamic companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Hallmark inspires people to express their emotions every day anew.

Find out what working at Hallmark means

Our culture

Within Hallmark, we value personal contact, and we like to make it even more special. No matter how small or big the surprise is, you touch one’s heart with a personal message. We strengthen precious relationships by inspiring people to express their emotions every day.

Conditions of employment

Where you work, you should feel good and productive above all. Ofcourse, an attractive salary is also an essential part of an employee’s satisfaction; therefore, all Hallmark employees receive a competitive salary based on their job level and additional various benefits.