Within Hallmark, we value personal contact, and we like to make it even more special. No matter how small or big the surprise is, you touch one’s heart with a personal message. We strengthen precious relationships by inspiring people to express their emotions every day.

Every Hallmarker lives and works with this philosophy. Everyone does their best to contribute to our mission every day. We inspire and challenge all Hallmarkers to colour outside the lines because that’s how you come up with new and great ideas.

The customer is central to Hallmark, whether it is a valuable retail partner or the consumer who sends cards every day. To fulfil the wishes of all our customers, we work in a new organisational structure with multidisciplinary teams. This way, we gain more and better insight into the needs and future goals and challenges.

How exactly does that work?

  • Data-driven working: we base our activities on figures and research; so we can respond to the customers’ wishes specifically and offer them the right products and services.
  • Agility and ownership: not only the management team makes decisions, but decision-making takes place jointly within the teams. It ensures involvement on all levels, and every Hallmarker takes his or her part of the responsibility.
  • Together: we put together teams from multiple departments; each employee has his or her expertise and adds unique value to the team, while the customer is the focus. By doing so, we ensure a good mix of specialists who are highly involved and work together on more concrete goals.

“The Hallmark culture is very friendly, intimate and encourages trust and mutual support. Everyone does their best for the company, and you know that you can rely on your colleagues.“ 

Diversity and Inclusivity

Within Hallmark, we are all unique but also equal to each other. We encourage an inclusive culture in which everyone feels involved, heard and seen. Within Hallmark, there is room for differences and we apply to work the unique strength and knowledge of each colleague. A beautiful mix of views, cultures, experiences and knowledge provides an extensive palette of insights, solutions and products for our customers.

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