design and product development

Our creative Product Development department focuses on analysing and designing card collections, gift materials and purchasing online gifts. Together with an enthusiastic team of product and category managers, we examine new angles and concepts that we further develop with the design team into products, which we hope will touch the customer’s heart.

We strive to enable every one of our consumers to tell their story with a Hallmark card. Regardless of the moment and sentiment, the message must touch both the sender and receiver.

Our designers immerse themselves in trends and styles, getting their inspiration from all possible sources: travel, fashion and interior worlds, but also, news, social media or a personal experience can serve as an influence and ignite their creativity. This results in a unique marriage of image and text, for which the Hallmark’s distinctive range of cards is renowned.



“The essential part for us is to ensure every customer can tell his or her story with a Hallmark card.”