super internships

we challenge you!

At Hallmark, we are glad to offer a wide range of challenging internships relevant to the study you follow. Our internships strongly contribute to the students’ professional development. As an organisation, we like to learn from the insights students bring, and we offer space to share your ideas.

Types of internships

We offer various types of internships depending on the current needs within a department. It may include:


  • Orientation internship.
  • Experience training.
  • Graduation internship.

“The past five months of my internship at Hallmark have gone by so quickly, that only confirms one thing: time flies when you’re having fun!’”

Guidance from A to Z

At Hallmark, we believe it is vital that the students:

  • receive good internship guidance in the workplace.
  • have the opportunity to gain appropriate practical experience.
  • have the opportunity to work on school assignments during the internship period.


Eager to get started as an intern at Hallmark? Check our internships to see if there is an exciting opportunity for you!

“During my internship, there was plenty of room for my ideas and attention given to my research. I felt I could contribute to the team, which was great!”