conditions of employment

Where you work, you should feel good and productive above all. Ofcourse, an attractive salary is also an essential part of an employee’s satisfaction; therefore, all Hallmark employees receive a competitive salary based on their job level and additional various benefits. Namely:

  • Holiday allowance (8% in the month of May);
  • Year-end bonus (300 euros gross based on the full-time employment, paid in the month of December);
  • Bonus scheme;
  • Staff discount (120 euros budget per year to be freely spent. 20% discount on expenses over 120 to 200 euros).

Work-life balance

Employees who experience a good work-life balance feel that they have a healthier lifestyle, often perform better and experience higher job satisfaction. At Hallmark, we find it vital that our employees have a good life-work balance to ensure this we work 37.5 hours per week. In addition, we try to make the work experience of our employees as pleasant as possible by offering flexible hours and by providing employees with the opportunity to work from home — depending on your role.

Are you working 37,5 hours per week? Then you will receive 27 vacation days + 8 (reduced working hours) days per year. These are calculated based on full-time workdays, whereby you work 0.25 hours per day longer vs. a regular hallmark workday of 7.75 hours. It enables you to plan an extra week of holidays, for example, a beautiful trip to Ibiza, or take a few extra days off to relax in a spa.

“Next to a good basic salary, Hallmark offers an extensive package of secondary benefits.”


Retirement scheme

When you come to work at Hallmark, you accrue your pension from day one. That includes retirement, orphan’s and survivor’s pension. We have a defined contribution scheme with a personal contribution with a  maximum of 4% —  creating your safety net for the future.


We understand the importance of your professional growth, and we strongly encourage you to continue to develop. Throughout the year, we organise various inspiration sessions and substantive workshops; we also offer team development and individual development opportunities. And, of course, you will acquire new skills, knowledge and experience on the job. You get much freedom in your position so that you can develop and grow quickly. Besides, we highly value and support initiatives and ideas.

Additional benefits

Furthermore, at Hallmark, we regularly organise parties, quizzes and after-work drinks.

Also, for a small contribution, you can work out every Monday at our boot camp. 

You can also become a member of our staff association Halolala. We also have a staff restaurant at our head office in Capelle, where you can order daily delicious lunches at a reasonable price.

Finally, no moment is the same at Hallmark, we always have something exciting planned (think, for example, of Christmas and birthday surprises) to brighten up your day.

“I’ve had a beautiful professional journey within Hallmark. I started as an HR intern; then, I moved to work in the Purchasing department alongside my studies. Now, after completing my studies, I’m starting full-time as a Jr. buyer.” 

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