customer service

 The Customer Service department is Hallmark’s representation for our online and retail customers. For us, the customers and their wishes are the number one priority. Our goal is to offer customers a true Hallmark experience with a heartfelt and helpful service.

We think in solutions and are responsible for managing incoming phone calls, emails, chats and social media messages. The team ensures that customers feel and know that they are heard and cared about whenever they have questions, make a complaint, design a perfect card or choose a suitable gift.

Moreover, when the same type of questions or complaints come in regularly, the team proactively reports that to other departments and our partners, so they can take required actions.

The department’s spirit is healthy and friendly; we work closely together and call on each other’s expertise. The team’s mission is to go the extra mile to surprise and delight our customers.

“Our goal is to provide customers with a true Hallmark experience through cordial and helpful service.”