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Design and Product Development

Find creative minds and commercial thinkers in our Product Development department. Here, we analyse and develop card collections, gift materials, day planners, calendars and online gifts.



Customer Service

The Customer Service department is Hallmark’s calling card for our online and retail customers. Whatever the subject or question may be, the customer’s wishes are our foremost priority, and we are happy to help!


Our colleagues from the Sales departments are the eyes and ears of the company. They ensure things are running smoothly for the customer and that Hallmark receives information and feedback to continue to improve and innovate.

Marketing and E-Commerce

The Marketing and E-Commerce department is responsible for new (online) campaigns, inspiring endeavours and crystal clear communication to reach all our customers in the right place at the right time. The Marketing and E-commerce department is buzzing with energy and creativity!


Our colleagues from the Procurement department are responsible for various tasks from purchasing the materials to produce the in-house product lines to negotiating multi-year contracts with Hallmark’s major suppliers.



Supply Chain

The entire logistical process comes together within this department. Our colleagues from the Supply Chain department ensure that our retail partners’ order processing and everything on an operational level run smoothly.

Business Support

The Business Support team ensures that colleagues, customers and partners are well helped. Thanks to their daily support, everything works soundly and with great results. 


At Hallmark, we are happy to offer stimulating internships, contributing to your development as a student and relevant to your study. We have plenty of room for your ideas and research.

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