brand values

Warm-hearted, optimistic, outspoken and together, Hallmark has carefully selected its four brand values, which for part of Hallmark’s DNA. From an annual strategic plan to the way we greet our customers on the phone, the brand values are reflected in every aspect of our business.

“The Hallmark brand values certainly play an important role at the workplace. You work in a team to achieve great end results. You are cordial towards each other and external parties. And you can always express your ideas and opinion, also to the management team.”


It’s something that touches you. We are genuinely interested in your life, and with everything we do, we let you feel this. A question or gesture can trigger an emotion. We let you know that we are there for each other. We don’t ask “How are you?” because it’s a polite thing to do, but because we really want to know what’s going on in your life. This way, we get to know each other better, and we discover what other people experience in life. Being heartfelt also means holding the door open for someone else, chatting to a colleague while waiting for coffee at the coffee machine, and smiling at the receptionist.


See and seize opportunities. We have and give confidence, and believe in things working out. Optimism is contagious and can inspire great things and wonderful ideas.  When things get tough, we acknowledge it and talk about it, but at the same time, we think of a positive point on the horizon to look towards. Life doesn’t always have to be one big party, but a positive approach ensures that new opportunities get noticed and exploited and those who have hard times, get new energy to carry on.


Say it with conviction. Making our voices heard opens up new possibilities. We dare to say ‘yes’ but also ‘no’ and say with conviction whatever we feel. That sets us apart from the rest and gives us authority. Some things may not be easy to say, but we think it is crucial to express ourselves with appropriate words. Wearing our hearts on our sleeves, we are not afraid to talk about difficult subjects. You see this value reflected in our collections. The collections stand for something meaningful, have their own style and story as we want to touch your heart with every single product or experience we create.


We are stronger together. At Hallmark, we value each other’s unique qualities, we support each other continuously. We work on joint goals and objectives through optimal coordination and cooperation. You get much further when working together. For example, we believe it is essential to join forces and work with (new) partners who inspire and complement us. This makes us stronger and gives us the energy to work together towards an end result.